A preliminary report about the Emirates Boeing 777 crash on August 3rd 2016 indicates pilot error. Quite a change in stance, since the pilots were initially credited with saving all 282 lives on board. The aircraft however, was reduced to dust. But what happened to the Emirates 777? The Boeing 777 has been known as […]

After Paris, it’s Brussels this time, the headquarters of NATO and the de-facto headquarters of the European Union. Brussels was hit by synchronized bomb attacks, responsibility of which was claimed 8 hours later by ISIS. Their official statement was something to the tune of ‘Nobody is safe, not here.’ While we can continue to contemplate […]

istanbul travel review

Istanbul is downright beautiful! Financial woes and crisis have hardly ever perturbed this city’s spirit and hospitality and I’d go back for a few days every time I had a chance. Here’s 6 reasons why you want to head over to Constantinople right away. 1. Efes Beer – #dontjudgeme Yup! You read that right. I’d […]

The Islamic State and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are both as different as they can get, say for the one promise of potential disaster both these ‘states’ pose. Interestingly so, both these states have been targeted for their names at some point in time in the past: The Islamic State – As the […]

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, as put by many, is the melting pot of Asia. Generations of a multi ethnic, multi cultural society have transformed this South East Asian city to a point where you can literally see the blend in its infrastructure. The average traveler may often find himself transiting through KL for a few […]


The Paris attacks of November 2015 are an audacious, brutal act of terror, the perpetrators of which deserve nothing less than an eternity of pain. More than 100 people dead, more than 300 injured and the numbers continue to rise. With 6 locations attacked, several bomb explosions and close to 1500 French Soldiers deployed to […]

In the midst of all the rainbow flag display pictures on social media and open support for the American Supreme Court ruling over legalizing Gay Marriage, it was a little hard to miss a whole group of Christian Pastors getting on the wrong side of what seems like popular opinion especially in the west and […]