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Why did the Emirates Flight 521 Crash? – 2 Minute Read – TOGA gone bad

A preliminary report about the Emirates Boeing 777 crash on August 3rd 2016 indicates pilot error. Quite a change in stance, since the pilots were initially credited with saving all 282 lives on board. The aircraft however, was reduced to dust. But what happened to the Emirates 777? The Boeing 777 has been known as […]

Do I need domain?

Do I need My own domain?

Doing what I do I get asked this a lot! Do I really need my own dot com? A or even a The answer really depends on your objectives. Primarily, it would depend on how much of a role ‘fame’ plays in your daily life whether its work or otherwise. Now don’t get […]

Bitcoin: Sound money or bubble?

So, Bitcoin’s in the news again. This time for having fallen more than 60% off its all-time high that it hit just last December. Call me a pessimist but this seems to look less like volatility and more like reality. For all of you who haven’t really read up on Bitcoin, its the most popular […]

The Dilemma: A Standalone Mobile Website or Responsive Design?

A coder’s nightmare, no doubt, cross browser compatibility now seems a thing of the past. It has become the lesser of two evils; with the world having unknowingly stepped up the challenge owing to the rapid introduction of mobile devices and the browsers that go with them, in a very short span of time, roughly […]

What does a SSL Certificate mean? – Secure Sockets Layer

This article explains what SSL is like you were a complete tech/IT novice. The reason I’ve decided to answer this question is because as of 2013 a lot of small business owners are toying around with the idea of getting their websites SSL compliant. SSL expanded is Secure Sockets Layer. Its rather simple. Lets start […]