Turning 30 is more than just a milestone. You’re in the prime of you life, you’ve done a lot and have a lot left to do. You’re responsible, may have switched a couple of jobs, may have setup your own business and as an Indian chances are you’re married with a baby on the way. […]

Do I need domain?

Doing what I do I get asked this a lot! Do I really need my own dot com? A or even a The answer really depends on your objectives. Primarily, it would depend on how much of a role ‘fame’ plays in your daily life whether its work or otherwise. Now don’t get […]

The Kashmir dispute has forever been a topic of heated debate and personally, I don’t think we are arriving at a solution anytime soon. As an Indian, I believe there’s no compromising on sovereign territory, but that’s just me. This article, however, discusses the UN Security Council Resolution 47, adopted in April 1948, that calls […]

mumbai beggars

The beggars in Mumbai have been getting increasingly audacious and that’s no secret. When was the last time you were in a rickshaw or on a bike and approached by a beggar? Or perhaps been approached by one┬áknocking on your side screen while in a car? Did you notice something strange? When did it become […]

So, Bitcoin’s in the news again. This time for having fallen more than 60% off its all-time high that it hit just last December. Call me a pessimist but this seems to look less like volatility and more like reality. For all of you who haven’t really read up on Bitcoin, its the most popular […]

So the official Malaysian government’s story is out and it’s disgraceful the way international media is now aligning itself with what seems like a shoddy, half-baked (make that uncooked) cover-up. I am by no means an NTSB expert, but that’s the point, watch me poke holes in their kindergarten cover-up! I’m afraid without the media […]